After being on the grounds for 2 weeks, the Affiliate Marketing Samurai began to form his rhythm again..

... with all the training in high altitude, one in that condition can only truly prepare for scenarios with.. high altitude..

& with a new landscape and more savvy foes, he was almost surprised at how easy it was to adapt.. 

... after a few bouts with the local affiliate marketers, he would find himself in a tunnel vision flow-like state, as if he was driving the vehicle of time steering its every tic...

...Flashbacks from his three years in the dojo would often appear  while he sat in solitude, 

but he would still continue his journey, for he couldn't sit long - as he knew that he was being targeted by the very same people who destroyed the dojo. 

...but this time, he knew of the whereabouts...

How did the Affiliate marketing Samurai become so intuitive?

It's almost as if he was spying on the very same people who were spying on him...who were they anyway? What was their true motive?